Add more vouchers to your account

Start a new course by redeeming your voucher!

Firstly, log in to your account here: and follow the steps below to redeem your new voucher.

If you already have an account and just purchased a voucher for another course, please go to "My account" by clicking on your name at the right-hand side corner.



Redeem your new voucher by clicking on the Redeem button. type your code into the field and click on "REDEEM VOUCHER" (Large green button)



This will take you to the shopping cart page, with the course(s) your voucher is valid for and your code successfully applied!. Make sure the Total is £0.00 then proceed to checkout!



This will take you to your account Billing Details, this should already be completed as you had a course with us before, so just scroll down and click on Sign up. 



Then click on Dashboard and get ready to start your course! 


Use the 'View All Courses' button on the left-hand side on your dashboard, to view and switch between your available courses.


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