Excel with Business Customer Service Policy and Standards



This document describes the principles, standards and practice of customer service that Excel with Business expects staff to provide for all customers at all times.


1. Introduction

There are a number of areas of customer service that are a priority for people. Namely, delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude are the most important. Aspects of these key areas include a prompt initial response to the customer and the ability to keep to agreed timescales; provision of accurate and detailed information with regular development updates, keeping promises and dealing with problems and issues in a professional and timely manner.


Excel with Business strive to provide efficient, equitable, and excellent service to all our customers. This is reflected in our terms and conditions.



2. Standards of Customer Service

Throughout all contact with customers, staff should aim to meet their needs through professional, courteous and efficient service.


Staff will:

  • Treat all customers respectfully and courteously;
  • Listen to what customers have to say;
  • Personalise service to the needs and circumstances of each service user where practical and applicable;
  • Always do what they say they are going to do, or update customers promptly if things change, offering an explanation for the change;
  • Respond to enquiries promptly and efficiently;
  • Consult customers about their service needs.


Customers should be advised how long a service will take to achieve the expected/requested outcomes. If a delay occurs the customer shall be advised and staff will take action to overcome any possible delays.



2.1. Service levels 

Excel with Business and its staff will strive to provide the service levels outlined in this policy. For service availability timescales refer to the description of each service channel on clause 3.


2.1. Response times

In general, will be responded within 24 hours, and fully resolved within 72 hours; enquiries requiring technical or content changes will be resolved within 10 business days. If any request involving changes on the back end requires longer than the above estimated times, customers will be promptly informed of the delay in the resolution, and given a more accurate estimated date of completion.


2.2. Resolution times 

Any requests pending an answer from a customer for over 4 business days will be automatically resolved. These requests will remain in the solved status for another 4 business days and will then be closed. Once a request is closed, this can’t be re-opened. If the problem persists or the customer wants to provide an update, a new request must be opened.


2.3. Supported requests

Excel with Business will do its best to support any and all enquiries that are directly and explicitly related to the company or our courses within pre-established SLA’s. Excel with Business reserves the right to solve and close any requests that aren’t directly and explicitly related to the company, its courses and/or the materials within them, whilst informing the customer that their request can’t be supported.


3. Support availability


3.1. Email support 

Excel with Business are committed to providing initial responses to email enquiries within 1 business day.


3.2. Phone support 

Excel with Business are committed to offering phone support during UK business hours (Mon-Fri, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm); some request topics like technical support, billing, or content specific questions might need to be handled via email. If this should be the case, support staff will promptly inform the customer offering an explanation. 

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